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What Sizes Do Sealed Mylar Bags Come In?

Our Sealed mylar packaging bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small sizes suitable for storing spices and herbs, to larger sizes for storing dried fruits, nuts, and grains.

How Do You Seal Custom Mylar Bags?

Our Sealed mylar bags come with a zip lock closure that can be sealed by pressing the two sides of the closure together.

Are Our Sealed Mylar Bags Smell-Proof?

Yes, our Sealed mylar bags are smell-proof and can be used to store odor-sensitive items such as spices, herbs, and coffee.

How Should Custom Sealed Mylar Bags Be Stored?

Our custom-sealed mylar bags should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Where Can I Buy Sealed Mylar Bags?

If you are looking for a reliable online packaging supplier for Sealed mylar bags, look no further than Your Packaging Company. We have a huge range of sizes and styles!

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Our Sealed Mylar Bags Are Best For Keeping Food Products Safe

Sealed Mylar Bags are a type of packaging that is commonly used to store and preserve food, medicine, electronics, and other sensitive materials. Mylar is a kind of polyester film that is known for its great strength, durability, and excellent barrier properties. These bags are typically created by laminating layers of Mylar film together to create a strong, airtight seal. 

The sealing process is typically done using heat, which melts the layers of Mylar together and creates a tight bond that prevents moisture, air, and other contaminants from entering the bag. Our Kraft Mylar Bags are popular because they are lightweight, flexible, and easy to store, making them an ideal choice for long-term storage or transportation of valuable or delicate items.

Types Of Our Mylar Vacuum Seal Bags

Our mylar vacuum seal mylar bags are popular for their durability, moisture resistance, and ability to provide airtight storage. Here are some common types of our Heat-sealed Mylar Bags:

Flat Mylar Bags

These are the most basic type of Mylar bag and come in a variety of sizes. They are typically sealed at the top with heat, pressure, or adhesive.

Stand-Up Mylar Bags

Our Stand-up Mylar Bags have a gusseted bottom that lets them stand upright when filled, making them perfect for storing larger items. They also have a zipper seal for easy access.

Vacuum-Sealed Mylar Bags

These bags are designed to use a vacuum sealer to remove air from the bag and create an airtight seal. This makes them perfect for long-term food storage and preservation.

Colored Mylar Bags

Our mylar bags are available in a variety of theme colors, including silver, black, and gold. They are often used for packaging products that require a unique appearance or to protect products from light.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

These bags can be customized with a logo, design, or message to promote a brand or product. They are commonly used in the food, cosmetic, and retail industries.

Child-Resistant Mylar Bags

Our mylar bags for vacuum sealers have a special locking mechanism that makes them difficult for children to open. In addition, they are often used to store cannabis products and other items that should be kept out of reach of children.

Resealable Bags- Choose From Our Different Size Options

Our Resealable Mylar Bags come in a variety of sizes to meet different packaging needs. The size of the wholesale mylar bag you choose will depend on the product you are packaging and the quantity you need to package. Here are some common sizes of our mylar bags:

3x4 inches

This is a small mylar bag that is often used for packaging small items such as jewelry, spices, or herbs.

4x6 inches

This size is a little larger than the 3x4 inch bag and can be used for packaging small items like snacks, coffee, or tea.

5x7 Inches

This site is used for packaging larger quantities of snacks or small items.

6x9 Inches

This site is a popular choice for packaging small to medium-sized items like dried fruits, nuts, or pet treats.

8x10 inches

This site is a good option for packaging larger quantities of snacks or for packaging items like books, electronics, or clothing.

10x12 inches

This is a larger mylar bag that can be used for packaging bigger items like blankets, pillows, or bulk food products.

16x24 inches

This is one of the largest Mylar bag sizes and can be used for packaging large quantities of food, like grains or beans.

Get Color Options For Pinch-lock Lock Bags

Our Pinch Lock Bags are commonly used for packaging food, electronics, and other products that require a high level of protection from moisture, light, and oxygen.

The following color options for our mylar bags are;

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) is a four-color process used in digital and offset printing. With CMYK printing, you can achieve a wide range of colors by combining different percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. Custom Mylar Bags can be printed using CMYK colors, but the colors may not be as vibrant as PMS colors.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a standardized color system used in the printing industry to ensure the right color reproduction. With PMS printing, colors are pre-mixed and assigned a specific number, allowing for consistent color matching across different materials and printing methods. Mylar bags can also be printed using PMS colors, and the colors are typically more vibrant and eye-catching.

Overall, both CMYK and PMS printing can be used for printing on our mylar bags, but the choice of which method to use may depend on the specific requirements of your packaging design, including the desired colors and the printing budget.

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