Vape Mylar Bags

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What are vape Mylar bags?

Vape Mylar Bags Are Resealable, Rectangle Shape, and Heat Protective. These mylar bags are Perfect for vape cartridges and pre-rolls.

What are Vape Mylar bags made out of?

In its basic form, Mylar is a clear material made from polyester resin. The silver effect comes from a lamination to foil or a metalized coating.

Are Vape Mylar bags made with aluminum?

Vape Mylar bags are not made of aluminum. Mylar is a type of polyester film that is often used as the outer layer of a flexible packaging material.

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Vape Mylar Bags are specially designed packaging bags used to store and transport vape products such as e-liquids, pods, cartridges, and other accessories. These bags are made of mylar material, which is a type of polyester film known for its excellent barrier properties that protect the contents inside from air, moisture, and odors. The bags are also heat-sealed, making them airtight and waterproof. You can get these bags at a wholesale price from Your Packaging Company.

Our Disposable Mylar Bags are an ideal choice for those who want to ensure the freshness and quality of their vape products, as they prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture that can degrade the product's flavor and potency over time. Additionally, our bags are also durable and puncture-resistant, making them a safe and reliable choice for transporting and storing vape products.

Types Of Vape Mylar Bags

Vape Mylar Bags are a popular packaging option for storing and transporting vape products. Here are some common types of vape mylar bags:

Standard Mylar Bags

Our standard bags are made of a thin, durable material that provides an airtight seal to keep the vape product fresh and free from moisture.

Resealable Mylar Bags

These bags have a zip-lock closure that allows the user to open and close the bag multiple times, making it easier to access the vape product inside.

Clear Front Mylar Bags

These bags have a clear front panel that allows the user to see the contents of the bag without having to open it. Front Pre Roll Mylar Bags are often used for marketing purposes, as the design of the product inside can be displayed.

Opaque Mylar Bags

These bags have a solid-colored front panel that conceals the contents of the bag. They are used for products that require discretion or are sensitive to light.

Child-Resistant Mylar Bags

Child-resistant Mylar Bags have a locking mechanism that requires two hands to open, making them difficult for children to access. They are used for potentially harmful products if ingested.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

These Custom Mylar Bags can be customized with a company logo, product information, or other branding elements to create a unique packaging solution for the vape product.

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