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Searching for smell proof mylar bags from a reliable online packaging supplier? If yes, you are at the right place. We at Your Packaging Company, offer our customers strong mylar bags that won’t break or damage during the shipping process. Our turnaround time is too quick, which is only 6 to 8 working days, so you don’t have to wait for long hours to get your precious packaging bags. Our packaging representatives are available 24/7, so you can contact us at any time you desire. Give us a call now and book your orders at a discounted rate!



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What Materials Do We Use To Manufacture Smell-Proof Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags smell proof can be made from a variety of materials, including foil, aluminum, and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

What Printing Options Do We Offer To You?

Our custom Smell-Proof Mylar bags can be printed using a variety of options, including full-color printing, spot-color printing, and foil stamping.

What Types Of Products Are Typically Packaged In Smell-Proof Mylar Bags?

Smell-proof mylar packaging bags are often used to package food products such as coffee, tea, nuts, and snacks, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products, electronics, and other sensitive items.

How Are Our Smell-Proof Mylar Bags Sealed?

Our Smell-Proof Mylar bags can be sealed using a variety of methods, including heat sealing, zip-locking, and resealable options.

Do We Ship Smell-Proof Mylar Bags Internationally?

Yes, we ship our Smell-Proof mylar bags internationally, but shipping costs and delivery times may vary. Order now!

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Smell Proof Mylar Bags- The Key To Storing Your Goodies

Smell Proof Mylar Bags are a type of storage bag prepared from Mylar material that is designed to keep the contents inside the bag airtight and odor-free. Mylar is a kind of polyester film that is exceptionally durable, lightweight, and resistant to moisture, gas, and odor. The bags are commonly used to store and transport various items such as food, medicines, tobacco, and cannabis products. 

The design of the bag prevents any unwanted odor from escaping or entering, making it ideal for situations where discretion is needed. The bags are commonly used in the food and medical industry, as well as in the cannabis industry for packaging and storage purposes.

Manufacturing Process Of Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

Your Packaging Company can be effective in providing a smell-proof barrier for various products. To enhance the smell-proof properties of mylar bags, you can choose from different types of materials. 

Here are some options;

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a popular material used in mylar bags to create a barrier against moisture, light, and oxygen. It can also help block out odors.


Polyethylene is a type of plastic commonly used in food storage bags. It can offer an additional layer of protection against outside odors and is also resistant to moisture and air.


Polypropylene is another type of plastic used in Kraft Mylar Bags. It is also resistant to moisture and air and can help to prevent odors from escaping.

When choosing packaging materials for smell-proof mylar bags, it is imperative to consider the specific needs of your product and packaging. You should also consult with our packaging expert to ensure that you are using the best materials for your particular application.

Awesome Printing Methods For Your Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

There are different methods for printing on smell proof mylar bags. However, it's important to note that the printing method used can affect the bag's ability to maintain its odor-blocking properties. Here are some major printing methods for mylar bags:

Flexographic Printing

This is a famous printing method for airtight mylar bags. It involves printing the design on a flexible plate, which is then transferred onto the bag using a roller. This method can be used for multi-color printing and produces high-quality images.

Screen Printing

This is a versatile and unique printing method that can be used to print on a huge variety of materials, including mylar bags. In addition, screen printing uses a stencil to transfer ink onto the bag material, and can produce bold and vibrant colors.

Digital Printing

This is a relatively popular printing method that uses digital technology to transfer ink onto the bag material. Digital printing offers high-quality printing with a fast turnaround time and is ideal for short-run jobs or customized designs.

Rotogravure Printing

This printing method is ideal for high-volume production runs. It uses engraved cylinders to transfer ink onto the mylar bag's surface. It generates sharp and vibrant images, but it can be more expensive than other printing methods.

When printing on Weed Mylar Bags, it's important to use inks that are compatible with the bag's material and won't compromise its odor-blocking properties. It's best to consult with a professional printer who specializes in printing on mylar bags to ensure the best results.

Choose From Our Mesmerizing Coating Options For Vacuum Sealed Bags

There are several custom coating options available for mylar bags, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few options for Vacuum-sealed Bags:

Polyethylene (PE) Coating

This is a common coating option for Smell Proof Mylar Bags. PE is a non-toxic and odorless plastic material that provides an effective barrier against moisture, air, and odors.

Aluminum Foil Coating

Aluminum foil is another popular choice for mylar smell proof bags. It provides excellent barrier properties against moisture, air, and odors, and is also heat-resistant.

Nylon Coating

Nylon is a strong and durable material that can provide a reliable barrier against odors. It can be combined with other materials, such as aluminum foil, for enhanced protection.

When choosing a custom coating for your Mylar Packaging Bags, it is important to consider the specific properties and requirements of your product. You may also want to work with a packaging specialist to determine the best coating option for your needs.

Choose From Our Different Sizes

Mylar bags come in countless sizes to accommodate different items.<!-- [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><!--[endif]-->

Here are some common sizes for smell-proof mylar bags

3x4 inches

This size is commonly used for storing small items such as herbs, spices, and seeds.

4x6 inches

This size is suitable for slightly larger items such as small quantities of dried flowers, tea leaves, or coffee beans.

5x8 inches

This size is ideal for storing larger quantities of herbs, spices, or dried flowers.

6x9 inches

This size can be used for storing a variety of items such as snacks, baked goods, or small electronic devices.

Remember, these are just common sizes, and there are many other sizes available depending on your specific desire or needs.

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