Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes are a wonderful and special way to send your gift items to friends and family. These boxes come in a variety of custom forms and dimensions. You can easily style and print them to perfectly match your ideas and vision. These cases also act as protection for your giveaway against weather and accidental harm.

Besides, pillow boxes are an excellent way to add a unique touch to marriages, receptions, baby showers, and other celebrations. Pillow boxes also provide visual appeal to any event, making it more unforgettable. However, creating a wonderful Box needs skilled skills. Your Packaging Company is a high-quality packaging firm that meets the individual and professional demands of thousands of delighted clients.



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What Are Pillow Boxes?

Custom pillow boxes—also called “pillow packaging,” and “pillow gift boxes.” It is an exceptional type of folding carton style that is generally used for packaging gifts and other promotional items.

What Materials Do We Use To Manufacture Your Boxes?

There are the following packaging materials that we use to manufacture your pillow boxes.

To name a few are;

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Kraft

Can I Get A Sample Of My Custom Pillow Box Before Placing A Large Order?

Yes, we at “Your Packaging Company” offer sample boxes for customers to test and approve before placing a large order.

Do You Have Templates Or Samples Of Your Boxes?

Yes, we have a huge variety of box templates! You can select one template according to your requirements. Just tell us your needs and we will work on it!

Can I Give You My Artwork For Designing Pillow Packaging Boxes?

Sure, you can give us the artwork that you want to print on your pillow packaging boxes. Just send us the sample through email.

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Custom Pillow Boxes are a popular thing to present on numerous occasions. They are an appealing and enjoyable method to send gifts to anyone special. These printed pillow boxes are frequently given as individual or company presents. Gorgeous pillow packaging adds to their value. To make your boxes more appealing to clients, most custom box makers use a variety of color schemes and beautiful designs. Your Packaging Company provides one-of-a-kind pillow box personalization. They may be printed in your forms, sizes, and shades.

Likewise, Your Packaging Company provides appealing customization for pillow Boxes. Captivating patterns and typography on these boxes will make a tempting impact on the intended consumer for beauty and handcrafted items. Also, attractive pillow boxes provide information about a company and entice observers to try a product. Each type of item has unique packing requirements. 

High-Quality Pillow Packaging Material

We think that using the best, strong, and long-lasting pillow packing material ensures client happiness. Additionally, for the packing of the Printed pillow Boxes, Your Packaging Company always employs high-quality materials. For the production process, we employ a variety of materials.

  • Kraft pillow packaging 
  • Cardboard  pillow boxes
  • Chipboard pillow packaging
  • Rigid packaging

In addition, our pillow packing material improves the overall attractiveness of the boxes. Your Packaging Company assures high-quality products. Kraft Pillow Boxes are environmentally benign, reducing the harmful waste load on our earth. Since it can be done quicker, cardboard is the most often used packing material. The final one is a corrugated and rigid pillow box, and it's meant to preserve your product items.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about which fabric is best for your product, do not hesitate to approach our experts. They will recommend a suitable pillow packing material based on the volume and dimensions of your goods. You have the freedom to imagine your ideal Pillow Packaging material; it is our obligation to bring your vision to life.

On Request, The Following Customization Alternatives Are Available At Your Packaging Company:

Customers will be more attracted to Retail Packaging Boxes that are displayed eye-catching. We provide a variety of Custom Pillow box alternatives to help your business distinguish itself from the competition. Additionally, get the correct design, shape, and size for your pillow Box based on your preferences for marketplace brand building. 

Moreover, only those companies that offer their consumers an appropriate and safe strategy of buying their goods through mesmerizing and sturdy Pillow Boxes that are suitable for keeping items secure are impactful and continue to stay ahead of their rivals. Besides, our pillow Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and themes.

  • Large Pillow Boxes
  • Pillow Gift Boxes
  • Colored Pillow Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes With LID
  • Small Pillow Boxes
  • Pillow Jewelry Boxes
  • Decorative Pillow Boxes

Furthermore, our Eco-friendly Pillow Boxes are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your brand's needs. You may customize the length, thickness, and breadth of your pillow packing box, as well as select from a variety of colorful colors. 

Your Packaging Company Offers Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

We are experts in producing stickers for Custom Printed Pillow Boxes of the highest caliber for our clients. Additionally, all of our items, including stickers, are of the highest quality. We are skilled in producing high-quality decals in a range of styles and patterns. Likewise, our staff is skilled in creating and customizing a wide range of decals in several colors, designs, and printing options. 

  • Border Cut Stickers for the pillow box
  • BorderLess Stickers
  • Pillow box Sticker Sheets
  • Sticker Printing - Full Colour
  • Sticker Printing - Foiling Domed Stickers
  • Kiss Cutting / Die Cutting Pillow Box
  • Large Format Stickers 
  • Decals
  • Single Cut Stickers

Furthermore, we manufacture highly enticing stickers for pillow packaging boxes to make your marketing procedure quicker and more precise. Our products are recognized not only by clients in the United States but also by people from other countries. 

However, this isn't the limit of our services; we also provide free shipping for all of our printing as well as packing items to our clients. 

Get The Advantages of Pillow Gift Packaging

Gift Pillow Boxes for items have the same exclusivity as custom hardwood and silver boxes; the advantage is the same but at a reduced cost. Pillow favor boxes will provide joy and a themed aspect to gift items, boosting their visual tone and building a connection to the trademark, fueling profitability and long-term company worth. We also provide several alternatives for getting the best packaging for your gift products.

Moreover, the gift Pillow Box Wholesale wrapping not only improves the appearance and makes it suited for events, but it also increases the value. A $20 item seems to be worth $100; pillow packaging is what consumers care about.

Why Is It Fantastic To Work With Your Packaging Company?

Our skilled team of visual artists will assist you every step of the way. You have complete control over the artistic process, and our team of experts can effortlessly turn your concept into a reality. 

Moreover, we use cutting-edge 3d printers to imprint your business logo, unique labels, health advisories, and other images you desire on Empty pillow Boxes. Our high-quality ink will not smear or fuzz. You may also look at our website for numerous unique example themes to get an idea.

Order Now pillow boxes bulk from Your Packaging Company at wholesale rates and enjoy the perks!

Unlimited Customizations

YPC is the perfect place to convert your dream packaging box design into reality. We offer free design support and endless customization options to our customers!

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  • Foil Stamping
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  • Custom Inserts
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